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Modifying tables

Manipulating table columns

Columns can be renamed or removed. To do this, one can use the remove_column, remove_columns, keep_columns and rename_column methods. For example, to rename a column time to space, one can use:

>>> t.rename_column('time','space')

The keep_columns essentially acts in the opposite way to remove_columns - it is used to specify which subset of the columns to not remove, which can be useful for extracting specific columns from a large table. For more information, see the Full API for Table class.

Sorting tables

To sort a table, use the sort() method, along with the name of the column to sort by:

>>> t.sort('time')

Combining tables

Given two Table instances with the same column metadata, and the same number of columns, one table can be added to the other via the append method:

>>> t1 = Table(...)
>>> t2 = Table(...)
>>> t1.append(t2)