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ATpy - Astronomical Tables in Python

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Obtaining and Installing


ATpy requires the following:

The following packages are optional, but are required to read/write to certain formats:

  • h5py 1.3.0 or later (for HDF5 tables)
  • MySQL-python 1.2.2 or later (for MySQL tables)
  • PyGreSQL 3.8.1 or later (for PostGreSQL tables)

Stable version

The latest stable release of ATpy can be downloaded from PyPI. To install ATpy, use the standard installation procedure:

tar xvzf ATpy-X-X.X.tar.gz
cd ATpy-X.X.X/
python install

Developer version

Advanced users wishing to use the latest development (“unstable”) version can check it out with:

git clone git://

which can then be installed with:

cd atpy
python install